The Value in a Vacation

Beyond the obvious rest, what’s the value in a vacation?  After just returning from a long 12 day vacation to NY/NJ I realized that what I was longing for was more family bonding than anything else.  Rest and relaxation are great things but for me the bonding was better.

There’s nothing like touring NYC with teens.  They were thrilled with all the sites, sounds and smells of the city.  Times square was an amazing display of what the media can do with lights and images.  How do they do all those video type light advertisements?  Times square at night was so cool for them that they didn’t want to leave.  We saw Rockefeller center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, ground zero, Trinity Church, Wall St., Stock Exchange, Chelsea Market, and so many others.  Still more to see another time.

What I liked the most was reconnecting a with my daughters.  They wanted be near us again, touch us, rough house with us and we did.  I’ll take it any day over competing with an ipod, itouch, or whatever other electronic devise teens have.

When we left NYC and headed back to NJ we were able to relax, visit with family and friends and still be affectionate with each other.  Now that’s a vacation!

Time with your kids goes by so fast.  I’ll continue to plan vacations that entice my kids to want to go.  We can rest later in life.  Seize the moment.