Trampolines, is it worth the risk?

I’ll get right to the point.  If you have a trampoline you better check your home owners insurance policy to see if your covered.  But don’t be to obvious about it when you call because if they find out you already have one they may cancel it.  Read it here, and there and everywhere.  Just Google it, you’ll see.

Why are trampolines a reason for your homeowners insurance company to cancel you?

Trampolines are considered “extreme risk” when it comes to coverage.  My daughter was injured in an unusual way with a trampoline.  She was trying to lift her half of it in the air when another child that was sitting on it decided to bounce.  The result was a compression fracture to her wrist.

As her orthopedic doctor wrapped it in a cast he told me some horror stories about one of his patients he treats who operates his wheelchair with his tongue as a direct result of a trampoline accident.  Is it worth it?  Not in my world.

Walking out of there I believed what he was saying but I always like to do my due diligence.  What I found supported his claims.

He said if insurance companies find out you have a trampoline they will cancel your home owners insurance.  How would you like to deal with a claim or lack there of if the insurance companies find out from a paraplegic who operates his wheel chair with his tongue and lips, the only moving part on his body now?  Life long devastation for him but you get to lose your home and everything you own to cover the costs.

Is there a bright side to this?  I almost caved in to the extreme fun that a trampoline can offer too.  Somehow my “wise side” said no, let the neighbor deal with the risk and I’ll let my kids bounce over there.  Now after dealing with two broken bones in her wrist I’ll pass on that too.

Parents, just say no.  It’s not worth it.

The doctor told my daughter to drink at least three cups of milk each day with her injury.  I’m also going to give her calcium supplements.  My company is known for quality.  I’m thankful that I can be assured of her healing health.