What are moms looking for?

Hey Mom, what are you looking for?  Do you want to work from home, work outside the home while kids are in school, or have a part time (mommy adult time) type job in the evening?  What ever it is your looking for I’d like to hear what it is and how you’re doing it.  Don’t give us the sales pitch but give us what you chose (field of interest i.e. finance, network marketing, retailer), or whatever and how that helps your family financially.

I’d also like to know how much money you’d like to make and what you intend to do with the extra income.  Moms and families everywhere are always looking to earn some extra income.  I do it too.  But, I’m interested in knowing if is it effective, beneficial, and rewarding for you or is it more of a grind, financially draining or un motivating in terms of job duties career selection or work duties.

In these times I’m especially interested in what works.  When people cut back what are they eliminating, what’s their priorities, and what businesses are experiencing exploding success out there?

Does anyone see trends emerging?  Do you see trends disappearing?  Let’s talk about it.

What am I looking for?  I’m a middle aged woman who is looking for purpose and meaning in my life.  My kids are in middle school and high school so I want to ride the fence of being home when they are.  I also want to begin to develop my second career.  That means although I can find tons of jobs in my field of interest I have to wait for just the right one.  For me it’s very hard to wait when I know bills keep coming in and there are help wanted signs all over.

I also want my own business.  I do have a business in the health and wellness industry but I also have interests in the food industry.  I dream of having a little shop where my passions can be displayed in a creative environment that people would come and enjoy.  I stop short of saying what that is only because even though I have specific interests they have yet to develop into a viable business opportunity.

It’s important to me also to be looking for something that my husband and I can do together once he retires.  These days it’s hard to imagine ourselves enjoying any lengthy retirement so I want the next season of our lives together to be one that helps us live out our dreams and passions.

Now, is that so hard??