My MultiTalented Husband

Let me tell you about my husband.  He’s an amazingly selfless individual who works incredibly hard for his family and has multiple levels of talent.

Last year during the Christmas season we visited a house that had a synchronized light display blinking to all kinds of Christmas music.  I wanted him to see this because I knew his eyes would light up and his imagination would run wild.  It did.  This, he said, I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid.  In fact he had.  In his youth he used to run Christmas lights down in his basement, designed Christmas words in lights like “Noel” and use lights and electronics to wonder his family.  Hooked.

In February we went to our first “mini convention” in North Georgia where other men and women who have the Christmas bug can rub shoulders with other folks who are just as possessed with blinking lights as the other.  We learned how to build a mega tree, how to synchronize C-9’s (that’s lights) to music, how to design corrugated vinyl board into the peanuts characters and how to use a welder to form wire frames.  I never thought I’d find myself in a group of people who were crazy about Christmas lights and displays.  Our house was always modestly decorated prior to this. But when I saw the enthusiasm my husband had for this hobby how could I not support him and get hooked myself?

As the year went by he kept in the loops of what was going on in the blinking world.  He purchased some circuit boards that he could control his displays to music but life happened in between.  With three girls, expenses of tutoring, one getting married, auto repairs, a bad economy, and job scares I saw him loose heart and begin to wonder if he should sell his stash of carefully collected materials and supplies.  I was emphatic about saying no to selling it off.  I wanted him to have a hobby and something to take his mind off of supporting all of us.  His hobby was very important to me.  With this he could put his mind into something totally enjoyable.

Today our display is up.  It has all been built in quick fashion because of all the distractions that nearly brought him down.  He has managed to program 5 cool Christmas songs to blinking music and each time a car comes by to enjoy it via their own radio tuned into his frequency he brings them a candy cane and a Merry Christmas wish for the holiday season.  Each song has taken 8/10 hours to program.  We have over 9000 lights blinking to music.  The kids love it and are telling all their friends.  So now I ask myself, is this just his hobby or is it a modern day Santa giving his heart, talent and abilities to others?  I’ve begun to see the latter.

My husband found joy in a hobby but the real goal was to bless others with just pure plain old wonderment and fun.  Seems like the folks who do this sort of thing just like Christmas and welcome the chance to escape from the grind and do something totally outside the box.  Dan, job well done.  I love you.  You are my Christmas every day.