What I did on my Christmas vacation.

NuggetWhat am I crazy?  I already have three.  I’ve always bought budget ones before, why not now?  Nope this one was different.  You can’t get this variety just anywhere.  I used my first three retail paychecks to get this one.  I’ve lost sleep over this, had buyers remorse, negative feedback and out right disgust over it.  So why do it you ask?  I don’t know really.  Totally impulsive.  I admit it.  Did I need this, no.  Did I want the responsibility at this season of my life, no.  Could I have waited for a better time, yes.  In any case it’s here.  What is it you ask?

Meet Nugget, a Shorkie pup.  He’s a Shi Tzu/Yorkie mix.  So tiny is he that the person I got him from never showed him because she didn’t think he would make it.  Well, that’s just the pup for me.  I like the “underdog” so to speak.  I like the little guy making big.  This little guy will not get much bigger but he has the attitude of a big thinker.

Oh my gosh is he cute.  He doesn’t really run but rather hops a bit.  Short legs, belly always wet but he has spunk.  Very smart.  The first night home he found himself in the bed with us.  By the second night he had us figured out.  A couple of softies who can’t resist a cute face or a whimpering little pup.  On that night he slept in his little basket between our pillows.  On the third day I purchased a book about Yorkies.  After reading that he has spent his resting time and sleeping time in his crate.  I must admit he has taken to it quite nicely.  We have him sleeping through the night….well almost.  For a little guy that weighs less than a pound I’d say that pretty amazing.

It’s an adventure owning such a little thing.  Big responsibility too.  I’ve already caved in to buying little things for him like sweaters, toys, and now a carrier for him to sit in when I go walking.  I’m toast.