I’m scared! Organizing…my biggest challenge…and nightmare.

August 12, 2009.

Since I saw the recent movie Julie & Julia I’ve decided to document my journey the same way but not with cooking but with organizing.  Why?  I think it’ll be a way to overcome my fears of STARTING, being accountable and staying the course!

My history with getting and staying organized go way back to childhood.  I’m very creative and as I moved from one creative thing to another I didn’t really leave time to clean up one mess before beginning another.  I suppose every child goes through this before they settle into what their normal is.  I’ve always had the desire to be neat and organized and admittedly I’m better at it now then I used to be …sort of.  Not saying much though.

The problem is that life gets so busy.  I have three girls, one married, one 17, and one nearly 13.  You might think that having all girls would help in my quest to keep things just so.  Sometimes it works and sometimes, especially with schedules of tweener’s and teens it doesn’t.  So much depends on how I feel, how I choose to push through schedules, fatigue and arguments over cleaning and chores, and how my example of organizational priorities take shape.  I’ve noticed when Momma is living stress free (and who does that any more) I can keep my house and life almost organized or in a place where I feel ok about it, but I always want to improve.

There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about being or getting more organized.  Honestly, I’m almost consumed by it and always fall short of starting and keeping it neat and tidy.  I’m overwhelmed. I fall victim to the schedule and the most attention seeking thing at the time or just plain ‘ol lazyness.

Since I’ve been thinking so much about getting organized I’ve finally decided to hire a professional to do it along side me.    That kind of accountability works for me.  It was really hard to admit that I needed it to help me and take that first step.

I live in the North Georgia area and I met Dawn from Ultra Organized at a networking group.  That was three years ago!  I’ve thought about her service for 3 years!  Why did it take me so long to finally take the plunge and hire her?  Pride, ego, do it myself attitude, is it really necessary, embarrassment, humility, would my husband think I’m a quack or a slacker?  I’ve got a problem.  In my life, I’ve got stuff to do.  I NEED to reduce clutter and stress.

Just thinking about having Dawn come in I can feel the stress leaving me.  I did it, took the first step!  My first scheduled appt. isn’t until next week…maybe.  I’ve got to block out 4 hours of time.  Now Mom, I know you know this sounds easy right?  Not for me and probably not for you.

My life in a nutshell…busy.  I’m 49 years old, married to a wonderful man, have two girls at home, one that works and needs to be transported to and from work, and one that wants to get involved in sports.  Both our girls are heavily involved in church activities.  Both my husband and I are heavily involved in church also and I have a part time job at Edible Arrangements working 24 hours per week, and I’m starting my own business called Gratitude Goodies.  This involves all the things you might imagine a new start up might need to do like business plans, product research, vendor meetings, product evaluations, working with my artisan people like pastry chefs, chocolatiers, artists, single origin coffee roasters, soap makers, candle makers…you get the idea.  Let’s not forget ongoing business coach training, a most important piece.

So how am I gonna find the time, energy, and confidence to move forward?  I don’t know but tune in next time to find out how I’m getting along with my organizing coach and if you have precious time in your schedule to comment, encourage, motivate or root for me the organizing underdog  I’d be most grateful.

I hope to include before and after pictures if I can get up the nerve.  Would that be helpful to you?  Let me know.

Diane, the MTM