Organizing, getting it scheduled.

August 16, 2009

If my challenges to find the time to schedule an organizer are any indication that my life is very hectic and seemingly unorganized I don’t know what is.  Since moms wear so many different hats changing them in flight is difficult.

When I signed up things were somewhat predictable and have quickly become more unpredictable for a little while at least.  My part time job has had an emergency situation that requires more hours of me.  Additionally, I’m trying to learn quick books so I can support my own business that I’m developing.  This will require some hours that I wouldn’t normally be putting towards that.  The bonus with that is that I’m reconnecting with an old friend who will be teaching me.  Also, my church is about to move to a newly constructed building of which my ministry of First Impressions where I serve will become a key position to welcoming new guests.  Grrr…

What is your pace Mom?  When I try to think how to slow down my pace I find myself stumped as to where to cut back.  This is a problem.  That equates to running home from one thing, dropping the stuff from that and grabbing the stuff for the next thing then doing that all over again with the next thing.

Being honest with myself is key to moving forward with organizing.  I’ll find my happy place.  What I’m hoping for is once I rid myself of some clutter I’ll be able to more easily transition from one hat to another.

Stay in touch with me, let’s encourage each other.  Let’s share insight and helpful hints you’ve used to stay ahead of the organization monster!

Diane, the MTM