Organizing, yes you can!

September 2, 2009

This week I had some time to attack my desk area…on my own.  It was a special moment.  After working with Dawn for three hours I realized that I don’t have to tackle everything all at once or complete everything today.  As I began I noticed that I had a renewed energy and desire to want it organized.  I can’t put enough emphasis on just start the job!  For me just starting was a huge monumental move in the right direction.  I must keep at it though cause even though it doesn’t rank as one of my favorite things to do, if I stop doing it the creepy disorganization monster will take over once more.

When I started cleaning my desk area I made piles of stuff.  I’ve discovered that I have four areas of my life that need to somehow be separated and organized.  Those areas are personal stuff which is doctors records, kids school papers, recipes and things that only involve my kids lives or my home life.  The second major area of my life is church.  Since I’m a ministry leader, I have additional paper work that most church goers may not.  This can easily get out of control so I need to find a way to tame the paper giant.  The third area that I have a huge amount of paper work is my business development.  This area is probably the worse.  It consists of receipts, samples, booklets of products, and many  many other things that can’t be filed like box samples, candle container samples, bags, ribbons, labels, and supporting materials.  The fourth and final area that keeps finding it’s way onto my desk is my personal hobbies.  This can be quilt books and magazines, reading material, actual craft stuff and items that may be bulky and hard to store.  I’m looking forward to finding ways to weed out all of this stuff and store it more successfully in a neat, presentable, easy to find area that’s not my bedroom.

Do you have trouble keeping your many hats organized.  Tell me about it here.  I’d love to hear what you do to keep yourself organized in such a way that you can easily multitask or single task as needed.

Diane, MTM